Social Security Disability

More than half of initial Social Security Disability (SSD, also called SSDI) claims are denied. Whether you need to file a claim and are unsure where to begin, or you have already filed your claim and received a denial of benefits, The Odom Firm can maximize the chances of your claim or appeal being successful.

Attorney Martha Odom spearheads SSD claims for the firm's clients. Martha understands the stresses involved when you need disability payments, but struggle to have them approved. She will listen to your story, explain how the law applies to your situation, and advocate for you to receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

Why You Need an Attorney for SSD/SSDI Claims

Social Security Disability is available to individuals who have worked hard for a long time, but can no longer work due to illness or a disabling injury or accident. If you qualify for SSD, you are eligible for monthly payments. This benefit is intended to help you meet your living expenses while you are unable to work.

In order to qualify for SSD, you must meet both medical and non-medical criteria. SSD benefits may be available if your medical condition means you are expected to be unable to work for a year or more, or if your condition is expected to end in death. The non-medical criteria for SSD include having accumulated enough "work credits." Work credits are linked to having earned a minimum amount through work in a given number of years. The amount of money you must earn in order to accumulate a work credit increases each year. The older you are, the more work credits you must have accumulated in order to qualify for SSD.

This system probably sounds complicated, and like many federal government programs, it is. Navigating the system in order to receive SSD benefits would be challenging under the best of circumstances; it is even more difficult when you are dealing with severe health issues. Caring for your health should be your priority; making sure you get the benefits you deserve is ours.

Martha Odom is experienced in dealing with the Social Security Administration. She is familiar with the requirements of the SSD program, and is able to avoid the common mistakes that often result in denial for people with disabilities who try to file claims on their own. The help of an experienced Social Security Disability benefits attorney can not only help you get the benefits you need and deserve, but can expedite the process.

Work With an Experienced Charlotte Social Security Disability Attorney

Attorney Martha Odom understands that each SSD case file represents real people, and that the work we do has a profound impact on their quality of life.

Few things are more difficult than not being able to work and provide for your family and depending on others when you can no longer afford to care for yourself. Most people who apply for SSD benefits would much rather be working. Applying for benefits may feel like a last resort, and when those benefits are delayed or denied, feeling like you have no control over the situation is incredibly frustrating.

Martha Odom works to not only secure the SSD benefits to which her clients are entitled, but to ease the frustration of the whole process. She begins by patiently listening to your concerns, taking the time to respond to them, and helping you understand the SSD process so you will know what to expect. With over 20 years of experience in practice, many of which have been spent in the area of Social Security Disability law, Martha Odom is a compassionate and capable advocate.

Your initial consultation regarding your SSD claim is free, and The Odom Firm accepts Social Security Disability cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay no attorney fees unless we secure benefits for you. We invite you to call our Charlotte office at 704-377-7333 to schedule a consultation, or contact us online. We look forward to working with you.


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