Product Liability

You have a right to expect the products you use to be safe. When you are injured by a product, you may have the right to payment from the manufacturer or seller.

Claims involving this type of injury are known as product liability claims. Product liability cases usually involve a person who was hurt going up against a large company that produced or sold the dangerous product. If this seems like an uphill battle, you're right. That is why it is so important to have an attorney who understands and has experience with these cases. The product liability attorneys at The Odom Firm in Charlotte, North Carolina have the legal knowledge, negotiation skills, and courtroom experience to help you get justice in your product liability case.

Types of Product Liability Cases

Injuries from dangerous and defective products can cause devastating injuries or even death. The Odom Firm represents clients who have suffered serious injury due to a defective product. In general, product liability cases fall into three categories:

  • Defective Design: The product is designed in such a way that it could cause injury, such as a crib whose slats are far enough apart that a baby's head could get stuck in them, or an SUV whose design makes it prone to rollover accidents.
  • Defective Manufacture: The design of the product may be adequate, but it is produced in a way that makes it dangerous. Examples include a coffee pot where the handle is not properly secured to the pot, causing separation and burns from hot liquid, or a toy for toddlers that contains small parts that could break off and be a choking hazard.
  • Inadequate Instructions or Warnings: Some products are dangerous in ways that may not be immediately obvious to users. Failure to adequately warn of these dangers could result in injury, such as when an over-the-counter medicine might cause kidney damage when taken together with another common medicine, or a silver polish that is used without proper ventilation could lead to serious breathing problems.

The Odom Firm represents clients in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina in all types of product liability matters, including those involving severe or permanent injury or death. We accept cases involving dangerous or defective tools, construction equipment, home furnishings, appliances, clothing, toys, and more.

North Carolina product liability law is complex. By working with the experienced attorneys of The Odom Firm, you can be assured that the facts and law of your case will be thoroughly analyzed, and that your attorneys will make every claim, including breach of warranty, to which you may be entitled.

Come in for a Free Consultation With Experienced Charlotte Product Liability Attorneys

The attorneys of The Odom Firm understand how devastating injuries from dangerous or defective products can be. We are here to support you, advise you, and most importantly, to advocate for you. Because we put your needs first, you will not pay an attorney fee unless we are able to recover money for you in your product liability matter.

The Odom Firm represents clients in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina, including: Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Asheville, and Statesville. We invite you to call our Charlotte office at 704-377-7333 to schedule a consultation, or contact us using our online form. We look forward to working with you.


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