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Liz Dawson

Phone: (704) 377-7333
Fax: (704) 377-5747

Liz Dawson heads up marketing and client development for The Odom Firm, a role she relishes because of her belief in the firm's mission of protecting the rights of North Carolina landowners and injury victims. She joined the firm in 2016, bringing with her several years of experience working as a legal assistant and in marketing and development for other law firms.

Much of Liz's work involves client outreach and keeping abreast of eminent domain projects in North Carolina so that she can support the firm's attorneys in their work. Liz works with David Murray on all of the firm's land condemnation cases.

The firm's clients may come into contact with Liz when they have questions regarding eminent domain and land condemnation. Because she stays in touch with the NCDOT and other condemning authorities and keeps up-to-date on condemnation projects, she usually has the latest information on projects and can help clients understand what is going on, and what is likely to happen next.

Liz derives great satisfaction from being able to ease clients' minds about the legal processes they are involved in and connecting them with the information and resources they need. She also enjoys the collegial atmosphere of the firm, noting, "I work with an incredible group of people. The attorneys are incredibly intelligent, hard-working, humble and genuinely just nice people, a very rare combination in a law firm. The entire office has a great flow. We all work together as a team very well to get things accomplished and always put our clients first." Liz's colleagues describe her as a good problem solver who is always ready to help both clients and colleagues.

A Charleston, S.C. native, Liz moved to Charlotte in 2013. When not working, she enjoys traveling, rooting for the Dallas Cowboys and the Clemson Tigers, and hanging out with her chocolate Lab, Ace.


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