Civil Legal Services

Plaintiff and Defense Representation in Civil Litigation

It seems we live in an increasingly litigious society. Individuals and businesses may find themselves facing potentially costly and time-consuming civil litigation.

At The Odom Firm in Charlotte, our general civil litigation practice includes defending individuals and business clients against claims and pursuing claims in a variety of areas of law, including:

Our firm has a history of success in civil litigation that stretches back for a combined 78 years. If an individual or business is threatening to sue you, our lawyers can offer sound legal advice based on decades of combined experience. If you have been wronged and need help to pursue a legal remedy in civil court, we offer dedicated representation based on a real commitment to standing up for our clients' rights.

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We invite you to contact us in Charlotte today at 704-377-7333 to talk to an experienced attorney about any current, pending or potential civil litigation matter. We also maintain an in-house appellate practice in order to provide continuity of representation should your matter result in an appeal by either party.